In Israel, where I live, the metric system is the formal measuring system (thank god!), but with some exceptions: all the plumbing hoses and items are sold in inches, and also threaded rods and screws. Metric items are avaliable, but they cost almost double.
I don’t have much to say about the jig. I often find myself confused about what standard a randow screw is. This solves that problem. But I have a lot to say about the imperial system: its ridiculous.
Why should we stay with a system that it’s principles were founded almost 1,000 years ago? It is like using roman numerals instead of decimal numbers. Not only that the inch is 2.5 bigger than a centimiter, therefor less convinient. The system where its divided to fractions in such a weird way, is not making any sense to me. The decimal system is here, why not using it?
Oh well; i guess that its like the differences between cabinet saw and a sliding table saw. For some reason, seems like most American carpenters preffer the cabinet, though there is not even one advantage to that that I can think of.
Some things i will never understand.


The jig on lumberjocks:




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