In most religions, prayer, while central, is often accompanied by physical objects to assist the supplicant to achieve the appropriate concentration for repetitive prayers: Prayer Wheels (Buddhism), Misbaha (Islam), Rosary (Catholicism), etc. In the Jewish tradition, for known historical reasons, these objects were not common. This art-piece attempts to demonstrate the potential to realize and materialize prayer while maintaining tradition.

This Automata realizes the famous Geonic Period pray Ein Keloheinu (There is none like our G-d) with a provenance that dates back to the 9th Century C.E. This daily prayer uses alliteration and meditative repetition to praise the Lord and is displayed via a hand-operated stainless-steel enmeshing wheel set, highlighted by a modern minimalist design. The form follows function but makes no artistic sacrifices.

The underlying mathematical concepts are based on the usage of a doubled Geneva Cross Mechanism (used in 19th Century Cinema Projectors) in odd ratios that pulls together century old mechanisms with modern techniques; fusing the 1000 year old hymn with the modern era artistic vision of the creator.



Rotating the crank reveals the full text of the Ein Keloheinu prayer in its correct order and line by line by merging segments of the prayer etched on the right wheel with that etched on the left, while simultaneously hiding the non-relevant prayer sections.




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